Meet our Online DMA in Music Education Graduates


“The BU on-line experience has given me the opportunity to achieve a life-long dream of earning a doctorate from an exceptional university. I am so grateful for all the guidance I received and think it was one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done.”

— Dr. Ingrid Kovacs, Las Vegas, NV (DMA graduate 2010)


“My experience at Boston University has transformed my perspective on every facet of my career. I am convinced that completing the degree will provide me with the knowledge and tools to excel as a music educator.”

— Dr. James O’Leary, Omaha, NE (DMA graduate 2010)


“The online DMA program presented an opportunity for me that would not have been available otherwise. I wanted to pursue a terminal degree but was not willing to uproot my family. Having a family and a full time job would be impossible with the fixed schedule that an on-site doctoral program would involve. This program allowed me to attend lectures at midnight if I so chose and to schedule coursework around family and job-related commitments. The challenges involved in pursuing this rigorous program are many but the benefits are innumerable.”

— Dr. Jason Rummel, Indiana, PA (DMA graduate 2010)