Patrick Wood Uribe: "Devilry and Drink: The Virtuoso Thomas Baltzar (1631?-1663)"

On Tuesday, December 11, BU Professor Patrick Wood Uribe will give a lecture entitled “Devilry and Drink: The Virtuoso Thomas Baltzar (1631?-1663).” When Thomas Baltzar arrived in England in the 1650s, he astonished audiences with his extraordinary violin playing; one listener even examined his feet to see if they were cloven hooves. Patrick Wood Uribe’s 2008 CD release was the first recording of Baltzar’s unaccompanied violin music, and this year saw the publication of the first edited collection of his solo works. Professor Wood Uribe’s talk is about Baltzar the man, his music, and the world around him. Please join us in Room 171 of the BU College of Fine Arts (855 Commonwealth Avenue) at 5pm.
5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Room 171, College of Fine Arts, 855 Commonwealth Avenue