Combined Programs

BM with a Double Major

It is possible to elect a double major within the School of Music with the permission of the two departments.  Students must complete all courses required in each major. Possible Double Majors:

  • Performance/Musicology
  • Performance/Music Education
  • Performance/Composition & Theory
  • Music Education/Musicology
  • Musicology/Composition & Theory
  • Music Education/Composition & Theory

BM Performance/MM Music Education – Five Year Program

The Five-Year Dual Degree Program in Performance and Music Education offers students the opportunity to complete both a Bachelor of Music in Performance and a Master of Music in Music Education in five years. Instead of choosing between Performance and Music Education, students pursue both of their interests.  Upon completion of this program students will be eligible to apply for licensure to teach music in schools from the Massachusetts Department of Education.  The curriculum includes all of the coursework and performance opportunities afforded to Performance majors along with the undergraduate and graduate coursework in Music Education.  Students complete their student teaching internship and master’s projects in the fifth year.

Please note that interested students may enter the Five Year Program only after matriculating at Boston University; applicants should apply to the Bachelor of Music Performance major only.

An overview of the five year dual degree program is available for download.

For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Diana Dansereau.

CFA/CAS Double Degree Program

Students can earn the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Arts degrees simultaneously through the CFA/CAS Double Degree Program. This program allows highly motivated students to earn two degrees in the majors of their choice from both the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts & Sciences.  Freshman applicants must apply to this program during the year of application for the same semester of enrollment.  Applicants must meet all of the admissions and degree requirements for the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts & Sciences.   Students may use summer transfer credits, AP and IB scores, and semester course overloads to complete the degree requirements.

Dual Degree Program

The Dual Degree Program between CFA and another school or college at BU is open to sophomores who have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The Dual Degree Program is a focused course of study, necessitating superior time-management skills. The program typically requires five years to complete; however, students may shorten this time by using transfer credits, AP and IB scores, and semester course overloads.