Audition Repertory for Tenor Trombone


Applicants should prepare the following:

  • Two solo works (without accompaniment).
  • Three orchestral excerpts.

Below are examples of literature appropriate for an audition.

It is recommended that selected works demonstrate both technique (fast tempo, variety and correctness of rhythm, correct phrasing, clean articulations, correct style, phrasing all with musical line) and legato, espressivo style (slow or moderate tempo, sustained phrasing, melodic lines). Solos should be selected from works at least as difficult as Morceau Symphonique by Guilmant, Concertino by David, or Cavatine by Saint-Saens.

Excerpt Examples:

  • Reqieum, Tuba Mirum, tenor trombone solo, Mozart
  • Hungarian March, Berlioz,
  • The Ride of the Valkyries or Loehengrin, Prelude to Act lll, Wagner
  • Bolero, 1st Trombone solo, Ravel,
  • La Gazza Ladra, Rossini
  • 2nd Trombone solo from Russian Easter Overture, Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Chorale, 1st Trombone part, Symphony #1, Brahms
  • 1st trombone solo, Symphony #3, Saint-Saens

MM & Performance Diploma

Applicants should prepare three compositions:

  • One from the Baroque or Classical periods.
  • One from the Romantic period,
  • One from the contemporary period.

Applicants may also offer appropriate orchestral excerpts.

DMA & Artist Diploma

Applicants should prepare material equivalent to a master’s-level recital program.