Audition Repertory for Euphonium


Applicants should prepare the following:

  • Two solo works.
  • One étude or study.
  • Two or three passages from the orchestral repertoire.

Below are examples of literature appropriate for an audition. It is recommended that an applicant select works that demonstrate cantilena style (slow tempo, legato melodic lines, sustained phrasing, singing tone quality) and technical facility (fast tempo, variety in rhythm, correct phrasing, tone quality, clean articulation).

Solos should include a slow and a fast movement from works equal in difficulty to the Sonata by McKay or Sonata by Presser, and other works such as Introduction and Dance by Barat, Concert Piece by P.V. DeLaNux, or Rondo by Presser. One étude or study involving technical problems equal to those posed by such composers as Arban, Rochart, or Blume.

MM & Performance Diploma

Applicants should prepare three compositions:

  • One from the Baroque or Classical period.
  • One from the Romantic period.
  • One from the Contemporary period.

Applicants may also offer orchestral excerpts suitable to his or her own instrument.

DMA & Artist Diploma

Applicants should prepare material equivalent to a master’s-level recital program.