Recorded Auditions

Recording Submission Deadlines

  • Prescreening for all applicants: December 1
  • Final Audition Recordings
    • Graduate applicants: December 15
    • Regular Decision freshman applicants: January 5
    • Undergraduate transfer applicants: March 1
    • Undergraduate Early Decision and spring transfer applicants: November 15
    • Trustee and Presidential applicants: December 12

Recording Policies

  • All recordings should be in video format.
  • Recordings must be submitted online through our DecisionDesk portal. Physical CD’s, DVD’s, and tapes will not be accepted. Emailed files and YouTube links are not acceptable.
  • Recordings should be made no earlier than six months prior to the application deadline.
  • Recordings will be evaluated by the same faculty who hear auditions in Boston.
  • Repertory guidelines for final audition video recordings are the same as for prescreening recordings and live auditions.
  • Artist Diploma, Opera Institute and Conducting applicants who pass prescreening must audition in Boston.
  • Collaborative Piano applicants must audition in Boston.

Submission Instructions

Please submit your final audition video recording online through our DecisionDesk portal.

The fee for submitting your audition materials to DecisionDesk is $20 per applicant, but you save the cost of creating a physical recording or portfolio and overnighting it through the mail. For technical support with your DecisionDesk submission, please visit or contact