The mission of the Opera Institute is to produce operatic artists of superior caliber who are viable in the current market. Within a supportive environment, participants are held to the highest level of professional standards in lessons, classes, coachings, rehearsals, and performances, with the objective of developing proficiency in both traditional and contemporary operatic repertoire.

We believe that successful artists are:

  • Fine ensemble musicians, with the confidence to assert themselves as solo artists, but with the humility to follow the guidance of coaches, music directors, and conductors
  • Credible actors, with a serviceable acting technique, including the mental flexibility to take direction from various stage directors
  • Prepared, punctual, and collaborative in attitude
  • Professional colleagues who clearly understand their responsibility to their employers, the rehearsal process, and other artists, including the technical and creative team, stage and music directors, and stage management
  • Confident in their particular talents, including operatic fach
  • Able to move well, possessing physical stamina and graceful, healthy bodies

In addition, they have:

  • Extensive training in period style, gesture, and stage combat
  • Integrated vocal technique, acting, language, movement, musicianship, and style, and are comfortable on stage in a variety of genres, musical styles, and foreign languages
  • The ability to market themselves and properly conduct themselves in formal social environments
  • Training in performance and audition techniques dealing with stress management and peak performance strategies

These attributes are at the core of our professional curriculum model for all aspects of training.