Statute of Limitations and Re-Admission

Boston University College of Fine Arts | School of Music

Master of Music

All programs for the degree Master of Music must be completed within five years from the date of matriculation.

Doctor of Musical Arts

All programs for the degree Doctor of Musical Arts must be completed within seven years from the date of matriculation.

Requests for extensions of time beyond the five- or seven-year limit must be made by petition to the student’s advisor for recommendation to the Graduate Studies Committee. When granted, extensions will be given for only one year at a time. Extensions of time will be granted only in cases where there is clear evidence of progress towards successful completion of the degree, and where the student can show an extraordinary reason for being granted an extension, such as illness, personal emergency, or the particular nature of the research project already undertaken.


Readmission of graduate students who have withdrawn from degree programs or whose statute of limitation (7 years) has expired will be considered on an individual basis by the School of Music and will be processed as new admissions.

Readmission does not imply that previous credits or completed requirements will apply, except as approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.