Jason Yust

Assistant Professor of Music, Composition and Theory | jyust@bu.edu | 617-353-6887

Jason Yust_headshot_aug 2011Jason Yust earned his PhD at the University of Washington in 2006 under the direction of John Rahn and earned a BA in Music at Brown University in 2001. He taught previously at the University of Alabama. Professor Yust founded the Mathematics of Music Analysis Group in the Society for Music Theory in 2007 and as chair of the group has organized yearly symposia and discussions and a workshop at the Society’s annual meetings. He also served as the Assistant Editor of Perspectives of New Music in 2007–2008. Professor Yust has presented papers to the Society for Music Theory, the International Conference for Mathematics and Computation in Music, the American Mathematical Society, the International Society for Music Perception and Cognition, the Society for Eighteenth Century Music, and numerous regional music theory societies. His work deals with mathematical representations of musical hierarchy, the theoretical foundations of Schenkerian analysis, eighteenth century music, scale theory, geometrical music theory, and empirical study of the cognitive basis of tonal music.