Suzanne Nelsen

Lecturer, Bassoon |


Suzanne Nelsen grew up on a pig farm in Alberta, Canada.  She comes from a musical family; her parents were opera singers and her siblings are also professional musicians.  She earned a degree from McGill University and pursued further study at The Hague Conservatory in Holland, earning a UM degree.  During that time she performed throughout Europe and Great Britain as soloist and chamber musician.  In 1995, during post-graduate study at McGill, she won a position with the Montreal Symphony where she stayed for 5 years.  In the Fall of 2000, Ms. Nelsen joined the Boston Symphony and the Boston Pops orchestras.  While a member of the Boston Symphony, she appeared with the Grand Teton Festival in Wyoming, and with the Super World Orchestra in Tokyo, Japan.  She has recorded numerous CD’s with both the Montreal and Boston Symphonies.

Now, a mother of two, one of her favorite things to do is to talk to kids, students and parents about life as a professional musician.