Davide Ianni

Lecturer (spring 2014)

Davide_IanniDavide Ianni is an Italian composer residing in the US since 2004. His music spans from solo to orchestral works including pieces for fixed media and live electronics. Ianni’s works have been featured in festivals and concerts around the world in such venues as the Venice Biennale, BEAMS, Boston Cyber Arts, Nicosia’s International New Music Festival, Third Practice, Wellesley Composer Conference, SICPP, June in Buffalo. His compositions have been performed by virtuoso such as: Philipp Steaudelin, Alexandre Lecarme, Lorenzo Tomio, Maarten Stragier, Luca Piovesan, and has been commissioned by ensembles such as: Sound Icon, Alea III, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, L`Arsenale, Dinosaur Annex, New York New Music Ensemble.

Since 2011, Davide Ianni is the artistic director of the Composit New Music Festival, which takes place in Italy during the month of July. Along side his compositional activities, he has been a guest conductor of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras since 2005, and of the ensemble Alea III in 2012.

He began his musical career as guitar player of classical, rock, jazz, free-improvisation. Ianni majored in Music Composition and in Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music, and received his DMA in Composition and Theory from Boston University. Ianni has worked with many leading composers in the US and Europe, including: Theodore Antoniou, Joshua Fineberg, Tristan Murail and Gunther Schuller. His conducting instructors include Gianluigi Gelmetti, Marco Balderi, George Monseur.