New Undergraduate Students

Welcome!  We’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the School of Music.

Summer Orientation

Here’s the BU orientation website for the full list and below is a typical School of Music schedule.


You’ll meet a lot of people – Dean Juarez and some of the Dean’s Office staff, as well as Professor John Wallace.

We’ll talk about classes with Professor Wallace.  If you’re curious for a preview of your schedule, here’s a copy of your academic bulletin that has everything listed by semester.  It’s beautiful!  Just look for BM under your major.   After talking together, you’ll have a good start on your list of classes for fall.  You’ll have some more BU orientation activities during the morning.

Then lunch!

After lunch, we’ll figure out the building – where your teacher’s studio is, where your classrooms are, etc.   Then you’ll register for your classes in the CFA computer lab.


On  Friday morning, we’ll set you up to take your theory proficiency test.  This is just a placement test, so that you get placed in the correct semester of music theory.   There will be an ear training component as well.

About Your Class Schedule

  • If you’re doing a double degree or a double major, email Sarah Bellott at with the details right away.
  • Pick your favorite 5 writing classes from this list once they post the Fall 2014 classes.  Don’t worry about when the classes are scheduled for, just get familiar with the topics offered and jot down your favorites.  Everyone takes WR100, so you’ll be adding it to your schedule.
  • Pick 2 or 3 liberal arts classes that you might be interested in that happen after 11AM.  You may only have time for one, but it’s nice to have a few options when you’re figuring out your schedule.  Singers are the only ones who don’t have an unspecified liberal arts class to choose – you all take Italian your first semester.  Everybody else – you can pick anything at the College of Arts and Sciences.  Browse away!  You can also look by department.
  • Count on not being able to book liberal arts classes for your freshman fall semester between 8AM and 11AM, Monday through Friday.  Ear training and music theory classes happen during these hours, and you won’t know your exact section of those classes until late August after the last orientation session.   The reason for this is that each section of Music Theory 1 and 2 is slightly different and is tailored for students at a particular level.  So you have your big level of being placed in Music Theory 1, and then your next placement in a section of Music Theory 1.  Since we don’t know where everyone should be placed until we’ve seen the whole freshmen class, the placement into sections happens in August.   The same thing happens with ear training classes.  After you receive an  email in late August with  your correct section, you can go back into your schedule and add whatever you’d like during your unscheduled hours.

One word about seemingly unscheduled time…

Freshmen fall schedules often look like they have lots of free blocks of time.  Don’t get fooled into leaving them unscheduled – by you!  You don’t need to put classes into them, but you do need to block in some time to eat, practice, do homework, and have fun.  You need unscheduled time to avoid overload!

Frequently Asked Questions

Choral Placement Auditions

For Voice majors the audition will require a short solo or art song, some sight singing and range testing. For all other majors it will just be sight singing and range testing. The auditions will be 6 minutes long, most non majors will be placed in Symphonic Chorus.   You will be contacted by email to set up your audition.

Orchestra Seating Auditions

We’ll be posting excerpts and audition times on the current students’ page in August.

Group Piano Proficiency

Group piano proficiency test.  You can opt out of the group piano proficiency test if you know you want to start in Group Piano level 1.  Piano majors are automatically exempted from the test. Testing will only be allowed during the first week of school on Thursday, September 4th.   Any student who misses this audition will be automatically placed into GP MP111.