March 21: Visiting Artist Tobias Putrih

Visiting Artist: Tobias Putrih
Wednesday, March 21, 5:30pm
Room 303, 808 Building, 3rd Floor

Tobias Putrih deals with artworks as proposals, maquettes, or models—exploratory assertions of radical possibilities, the idea of the monument re-conceptualized as something momentary and experimental. His practice engages 20th century avant-gardes, particularly utopian and visionary concepts of architecture and design, through a range of conceptual and materially ephemeral projects. He designs makeshift architectural modifications of public spaces—cinemas, a library, galleries, and a university commons—constructing temporary environments out of paper, cardboard, plywood, monofilament, and light. Sculptures are made of fugitive materials such as soap bubble membranes, or through precise handling of everyday manufactured materials like Styrofoam and cardboard. His sculptures are products of precisely specified processes while also responding to their sites; some sculpture is problematized as furniture to be moved and inhabited, privileging bodily engagement over vision.


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