Financial Literacy for Artists – Oct 25, 2018

Date: Oct 25, 2018, 6:30pm
Location: CFA Room 500

This workshop, offered by Emily Worden, teacher of the spring course called Career Development for Artists (FA 520), is a MUST for all art students. Emily will discuss basic financial literacy for artists including managing a budget, managing debt and loans, savings and supporting an arts career.

Open to CFA Graduate and Undergraduate students. Please RSVP below.

Financial Literacy for Artists, Oct 25 - RSVP

Have you ever needed more money, used a credit card, taken out a student loan, or worked for yourself? Then you need to attend this workshop. Join us Thursday, 10/25 at 6:15 pm in CFA Room 500 for Financial Literacy for Artists. This jam-packed lecture covers everything artists and young professionals need to know about finances: building a budget, basic accounting and tax preparation, managing students loans, and dealing with credit card interest. Workshop led by Emily Worden, a business coach and author of Make, Sell, Repeat: The Ultimate Business Guide for Artists, Crafters, and Makers. Emily teaches Career Development in the Arts at BU and empowers students with real-world advice to avoid costly mistakes in the future. Join us for an evening about making smart financial decisions with your hard-earned money.

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