Student Records & Registration


  1. Consult the Boston University Bulletin. Further information on degree requirements can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Handbooks for the individual schools.
  2. Obtain a WebReg worksheet to put together your tentative schedule. WebReg worksheets are in the CFA Dean’s Office in Room 230.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor. Your advisor must sign your WebReg form.
  4. Visit your school office to obtain your advising sticker. Your advising sticker lists an Academic Advising Code, which you must have in order to register via the Student Link.
  5. Register online at

If you are unsure of your advisor, please contact your school office:

School of Visual Arts, Beth Zerega, Room 552, 617-353-3371

School of Theatre, McCaela Donovan (Performance) or Jon Savage (D&P), Room 470, 617-353-3390

School of Music, Barbara Raney, Room 246, 617-353-3341


Registration Information can be found here.

    Transfer Credits

    Students who wish to complete liberal arts coursework outside of Boston University must obtain approval from the appropriate academic department in order to transfer the credits through the Transfer Course Equivalency. Approval should be requested at least four weeks prior to registering for the transfer course.

    Courses equating to CFA courses, or transfer courses related to the student’s academic/artistic discipline, must receive approval from the appropriate school via the CFA Petition Form.

    Advanced Credit

    Students who have taken Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations may be eligible to receive advanced credit. Test scores should be sent directly to Boston University from the testing center.

    Graduation Information

    Students will be contacted by an academic administrator in the semester prior to graduation to go over remaining requirements. This meeting serves as an indicator of the student’s remaining requirements. Students must also complete a graduation application.

    University Commencement information and procedures are available at the BU Commencement website.

    Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

    • Undergraduate students wishing to take a leave of absence or to withdraw from BU must contact the University Service Center.
    • Graduate students should contact the Student Records Manager, Mary Ducharme in the CFA Dean’s Office in order to arrange for a leave of absence or withdrawal.
    • International students must contact ISSO prior to taking any other action.
    • Leaves of absence may be granted for a maximum of two semesters.

    Incomplete Grades

    An incomplete grade (“I”) is used only when the student has conferred with the instructor prior to the submission of grades and there are mutually acceptable reasons for the incomplete work. The instructor and student must sign a joint statement indicating the nature of the work and the date by which the work must be completed. If the work is not completed within 12 months of the last day of instruction in the semester in which the “I” grade is given, then the grade is permanently changed to an “F” grade.

    Course Overload Authorization

    Undergraduate students wishing to take more than 18 credits may fill out a form to request overload authorization. Authorization is granted by the student’s advisor based on academic standing and course content and processed in the Dean’s Office.

    • Freshmen may take up to 18 credits. Freshmen who earn above a 3.3 or higher GPA in the fall semester may take up to 20 credits in the spring with advisor’s approval and overload approval form.
    • Sophomores may take up to 18 credits without authorization. Sophomores with a 3.0 or higher GPA may fill out an overload approval form with advisor’s signature to take beyond 18 credits.
    • Juniors may take up to 18 credits without authorization. Juniors with a 3.0 or higher GPA may fill out an overload approval form with advisor’s signature to take beyond 18 credits.
    • Seniors may take up to 20 credits without authorization. Seniors with a 3.0 or higher GPA may fill out an overload approval form with advisor’s signature in order to take beyond 20 credits. Decisions to grant overload approval for seniors is on a case-by-case basis to be discussed with advisor and school’s director.


    CFA students may declare a minor in a variety of subjects offered throughout the University. Students must meet with the minor advisor in the intended course of study and return a signed copy of the Minor Declaration Form  to the CFA Dean’s Office, Office of Student Records.