Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Good academic advising is essential for at the College of Fine Arts. Students should work closely with their faculty advisors in conjunction with the Boston University Bulletin in order to fulfill degree requirements.

Faculty Advising

Beginning freshman year, CFA students are assigned to a faculty advisor in their school. Students must meet with their faculty advisors prior to registration each semester in order to obtain their Academic Advising Code. We encourage students to consult their faculty advisor whenever they have an academic concern. Advising can assist students in understanding program requirements, semester course selection, and study abroad options, among many other issues.

Peer Advising

School of Theatre and School of Visual Arts students are assigned peer advisors during their freshman year. Peer advisors establish a personal connection between current and new students by offering advice and guidance during this transitional time.

Additional Assistance

Each school in CFA has staff who work closely with students and are resources to discuss academic and personal concerns. Students should feel free to stop by, call, or email the program office in their school.

The College of Fine Arts also has an Enrollment Services team in the Dean’s Office. The Registrar and the Director of Undergraduate Affairs are valuable resources for CFA students. The Director of Undergraduate Student Services works with students to understand program requirements and assists in overall guidance, whether it is personal or academic in nature.

Graduate Advising

Faculty Advising

Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor during their first year of study. Students must meet with their faculty advisors prior to registration at the start of each semester to obtain an Academic Advising Code, and are encouraged throughout the year to seek advice and support of their advisor throughout their course of study.

The Director of Graduate Affairs works with graduate students on program requirements and degree completion.