Tuition: $3,775*
Dormitory Cost (double occupancy room): $1,115
Board Options
14 meals/week: $841
19 meals/week: $1012
Activity Fee: $200
Total (excluding application fee): $5,731–$5,916

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available on an as-needed basis for a select group of students. To apply, please send a letter petitioning for aid with a detailed description of your situation and need. BUSTI most frequently awards financial assistance amounting to 10% of the overall tuition, or approximately $500. In select cases, BUSTI may award up to 20% of the overall tuition, or approximately $1000. As BUSTI admission is need-blind, requests for financial aid will not affect a student’s acceptance into the program.

*College Credit Comparison

Students who complete the BUSTI program receive four (4) Boston University college credits. One (1) Boston University credit in 2012-2013 cost $1,325.

Withdrawal Refund Schedule

If a student withdraws from BUSTI after paying the tuition, but before move-in day, the university will refund 100% of tuition, including room and board charges, minus the non-refundable $500 deposit. If a student withdraws before 10:00am Friday of the first week of classes, the university may partially refund that tuition by no more than 50%. There will be no tuition refunds after the beginning of the second week of classes. Once the program begins, room and board changes are non-refundable. In the unlikely event that a student is dismissed from the program, tuition and room/ board charges are non-refundable.