On-Campus Housing

BUSTI students live in Boston University residences staffed with 24-hour security. BUSTI Teaching Assistants and Boston University Resident Assistants supervise all BUSTI floors.

Floors are separated by sex and comprised of standard double occupancy rooms. BU makes roommate assignments based on age.

Residence hall curfews are strictly enforced to protect each student’s safety:

Sundays-Thursdays, 11:00 p.m.
Fridays-Saturdays, Midnight

BUSTI is not a camp, but a pre-college program in a professional training environment. To ensure that all students have a safe and productive experience, BUSTI requires students to follow rules governing student conduct and campus life as outlined in the BUSTI Handbook, Residence License Agreement, and Lifebook. BUSTI’s aim is not to produce an unreasonably strict living climate on campus, but to promote safety and consideration through community living.