How do art, academia, and society cross and divide?
How do the arts reconcile traditions of the past with an ever-evolving present?
How does an interconnected world foster creativity and inspiration in unexpected ways?

In marking its 60th anniversary, Boston University College of Fine Arts is proud to invite the BU and global community in a creative discussion and call to action around the 2014–2015 KEYWORD: INTERSECT.

Since 1954, the CFA community has experienced milestones of history, technological innovations, and enormous social change. Evolution is not always easy, but these moments of synergy and tension are the wellspring of artistic creation and academic advancement. As we celebrate six decades, the College of Fine Arts presents a year of programming that examines how forms of expression, disciplines of study, sociological constructs, and race and gender intertwine.
Join CFA in this investigation into time and space, this reflection on history, and this contemplation of the future.

The Keyword Initiative is funded in part by Nancy Livingston (COM’69) and her husband, Fred Levin, through the Shenson Foundation, in memory of Ben and A. Jess Shenson.