Prior to entering the BFA Printmaking program, students must complete the Foundation program.

Printmaking is a vital contemporary graphic art form, based on the transferred image and encompassing a variety of graphic processes, each with innate image qualities. New and dynamic digital methods have expanded the role of printmaking to be a major force in contemporary art, a tool to investigate and redefine contemporary visual culture.

Housed in a brilliant new workshop with state-of-the-art facilities, the Printmaking program at Boston University offers students close working relationships with expert faculty to develop an individual voice and technical skill. The program approaches printmaking as a unique and flexible discipline, comprising intaglio, lithography, relief, silkscreen, book arts, installation, and digital media, and encourages combined applications with other disciplines. Printmaking is an active, engaged program with a strong emphasis in critical and creative thinking.

Undergraduate Admissions

Degree Offered

  • BFA

Average Class Size

The average class size in general printmaking courses is 12. All Printmaking majors benefit from regular, individual sessions with print faculty. Independent or directed studies are also offered.

Unique Opportunities

  • Printmaking students have the opportunity to study abroad at the Franz Masereel Center in Belgium. Additionally, there is an annual scholarship award in printmaking to the Anderson Ranch in Colorado.
  • Students participate in international exhibitions and portfolio exchanges, such as at Tianjin Academy in China, Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp, and Norwich University UK. They also exhibit in the Arches Student Competition and many national shows. Students regularly attend national conferences of Southern Graphics International, where they participate in exhibits and present their work to the profession.
  • Internships with professional venues have included Caversham Press in South Africa, Leroy Neiman Print Workshop, Columbia University NY, Wingate Studios, The Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston, Anderson Ranch, and the Boston Printmakers.
  • Students meet leading print artists from around the world and observe their creative processes firsthand. Prominent visiting artists who have spent face time in the print workshop relating to print students include William Kentridge, Ibrahim Miranda, Colbert Dashile, Eric Avery, Patricia Olynyk, Andrew Raftery, Althea Murphy-Price, Edward Bernstein, and many others.
  • Students create community fundraising projects for events such as World AIDS Day and Earth Day, where their prints contribute to awareness and aid for social issues.
  • Boston University’s College of Fine Arts commands a prominent position in the professional printmaking community as a vibrant center for print activity. The printmaking department and Visual Arts have hosted national meetings at Boston University, such as Shifting Grounds, the 2003 Southern Graphics Council International Conference, the internationally based Biennial Exhibitions of the Boston Printmakers, and many international visitors.

Notable Graduates

The major program in printmaking is a very new one; however, BU arts alumni who are active and established in printmaking include Pat Steir, Brice Marden, Willie Cole, and Andrew Raftery.

Faculty Members

Undergraduate Curriculum Requirements (132 credits)

CFA AR 131, 132 Drawing I (first two freshman semesters) 8 cr
Additional Drawing or Printmaking electives 8 cr
CFA AR 121 Foundation Sculpture 4 cr
CFA AR 141, 241 Foundation Painting, Painting II 8 cr
CAS AH 111, 112 Art History (minimum two semesters) 8 cr
CAS WR 100 Freshman Writing 4 cr

CFA AR 425, 447, 448, 451, 452, 517, 518 Printmaking Major Studios (minimum four semesters) 20 cr
Drawing elective (advanced) 4 cr
Graphic Design/Painting/Sculpture electives 8 cr
Studio elective 4 cr
CFA AR 329 Contemporary Issues Seminar 2 cr
CFA AR 450 Art of the Multiple 2 cr
CAS AH 393 Contemporary Art History—1980 to Present 4 cr

Sciences/Social Sciences/History 8 cr
Language/Literature/Philosophy 8 cr
Additional liberal arts electives 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives 20 cr