Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts presents Simultaneity

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March 19th, 2013

Sherman Gallery Exhibition Features School of Visual Arts Alumnae
Opening Thursday, March 21

Boston, MA – The School of Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts (CFA) at Boston University is proud to present Simultaneity, a group exhibition curated by SVA Alum Gabriel Phipps (’00). Featuring artist Dannielle Tegeder and fellow SVA Alumnae Meghan Brady (’02), Nick Lamia (’00), and Steve McCall (’00), Simultaneity opens on Thursday, March 21, at the Sherman Gallery at Boston University.

Dates and Events: Thursday, March 21 – Sunday, May 19, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 21, 5:30–7:30pm
Location: Sherman Gallery (775 Commonwealth Ave., 2nd floor)
Exhibition and Gallery Events are Free and Open to the Public

In Simultaneity, peculiar and often apprehensive combinations of form and color are seen from multiple perspectives — forms that are at once synthetic and organic, solid and ephemeral, static and kinetic; forms that function as windows; objects that vacillate between grand and the miniscule; paint that describes pictorial space while asserting itself in literal space;

The participating artists approach the pictorial notion of simultaneous experience by way of shared and individual roads. Each painter owes a certain debt to cubism and builds on that institution.
- Drawing on Pop and Modernist traditions, Steve McCall (’00) manipulates scale with forms that are both figurative and landscape-based.
- Through the use of intuitive and intellectual processes, Nick Lamia (’00) constructs what appear to be naturally occurring machines.
- Meghan Brady (’02) employs flat, volumetric forms to create images that are landscapes and pure abstraction.
- Gabrielle Phipps (’00) constructs solid structures that appear to verge on collapse, while referencing pink flesh, metal shards, and glowing television screens.
- Using irregularly sized multi-panel arrangements as ground, Dannielle Tegeder makes illusionistic paintings that emphasize artifice.
“Simultaneity explores interpretations of a simultaneous viewing experience that is rich in visual associations and phenomena — a pool of conflicting sources and non-verbal viewpoints that only make sense together through painterly language,” said Lynne Cooney, Exhibitions Director at the School of Visual Arts.

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