Boston University Center for New Music highlighted in the Boston Globe

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October 12th, 2012


(The Center for New Music) “Is a really great example of organizations coming together and doing more than any one of them can do by themselves.”
-Josh Fineberg, Director of the Boston University Center for New Music

New music is one thing Boston is not short on. Thanks in no small part to the plethora of local universities and conservatories, there is a near-constant clutter of activity, with various organizations, ensembles, and composers vying for listeners’ open ears.
You might wonder, then, what Boston University’s recently created Center for New Music hopes to add to the mix. Composer Joshua Fineberg, the center’s inaugural director, says its purpose is less about adding one more strand to an already frenetic scene than it is about lending some coherence, some collaborative glue, to it.

“What it’s always tended to be is very much like this sort of archipelago of little islands — we’ll do this, you’ll do that,” Fineberg says. “It’s really fragmented. And we started thinking, what do we do to sort of catalyze all of these things that are going on and try to make the whole bigger than the sum of the parts?”

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