Conversation Partner Program

As a CELOP student, you have many opportunities to practice your English outside of the classroom. Our Conversation Partner Program matches you with English speakers who are students and members of the Boston University community. Matches are made based on language requested, age, and interests. Once matched, partners decide where and when to meet. Meetings are typically one hour per week. The only request is that you and your partner spend at least half of your time speaking in English.

The mission of the Conversation Partner Program is to provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures through discussion with a peer.

Apply for a Conversation Partner


  • This program is for CELOP students (English language learners) to be matched with BU students who are fluent in English.
  • CELOP students should use CELOP tutors, not Conversation Partners, for homework help.
  • The program is only offered during the fall and spring semesters. It is not available during summer semester or spring interim period.
  • We will try our best to match you with a partner, but cannot guarantee a match.

  • Important

    This is a semester-long commitment. Please apply only if you are going to be in Boston for at least 8 weeks. Unfortunately, this means that students in the 6-week program are not eligible to apply for the Conversation Partners Program. This program is only run during the fall and spring semesters. It is not available during summer or spring interim programs.
  • Please enter a value between 16 and 99.
  • Please be specific. For example, "Mandarin," "Spanish," or "Arabic."