Linda Wilkins

Linda Wilkins graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Language and Secondary Education, and a mathematics minor. After teaching math in Detroit and New York City public schools, she went to Thailand, where she assisted a medical team before another move brought her back to the States. She lived first in California, where she studied Botany while volunteering at the Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Garden as a docent. Then she moved to Utah, where she taught English as a Second Language to war refugees. Finally settling in Massachusetts, she earned a Master’s degree in ESL while tutoring with the Literacy Volunteers of America.

Linda has been teaching English as a Second Language at CELOP since 2005, and has supervised field observers from Boston University’s TESOL program. Her goal when teaching is to motivate students to improve their English proficiency by using their language skills in experiential activities and cross-cultural interactions. Opportunities to assume leadership roles in the classroom challenge her students to take responsibility for their own achievement and prepare them to successfully speak English, whether in social, academic or professional settings.

When Linda is not at CELOP, she engages in further studies of foreign languages, including Italian, Chinese and Turkish, so that she remains sensitive to the difficulties her students face. She also enjoys biking, organic landscaping and gardening, cooking international foods, as well as reading and traveling to learn more about global issues.