Sue Mackarness

Sue Mackarness has worked for more than 30 years as an ESL teacher, Educational Consultant and International Teacher Trainer. Her background includes founding and directing language schools and training centers in several countries, including US, Mexico, Czech Republic and Ecuador. Sue has also written specialized language training courses and materials for various institutions and organizations worldwide. Sue’s classroom experience includes teaching and training international students of diverse ages, nationalities, linguistic abilities and socio-economic backgrounds. She enjoys all aspects of her career, especially the travel and contact with international students. For the past few years, Sue has had a particular interest in writing and implementing courses in cultural awareness and the power of language.

In 2007, Ms Mackarness worked at CELOP on the PLEAD project. Her specific contribution was writing on-line international legal English vocabulary courses for Boston University, Translegal and Cambridge University Press. For the past several years, Sue has run teacher training courses, workshops and seminars in various countries. She has also given blended learning on-line Business English teacher training courses for international students, and combined this with teacher and program evaluations on 3 continents. The course, written by Sue, consists of on-line modules and on-site practicums in various countries, including US, Czech Republic and Ecuador. Since 1990, Sue has spent part of each year as a student leader and travelled with groups in Eastern and Western Europe, Mexico and South America.

Sue was raised in the UK, came to US as a college student and then went to live in Africa for two years. These early traveling experiences set the tone for a lifetime of travel, teaching and learning. Sue has long recognized and appreciated how rare it is to combine work, travel and life experience; she has always felt fortunate to have found a career which has combined several passions. Currently, Sue divides her time between North and South America and greatly enjoys the contrasts and challenges of living between two such diverse cultures.