Sheri Taub

Sheri Taub has been a Senior Lecturer at CELOP since 2005. She also taught at the Saudi Arabian International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she coordinated an intensive English language program from 1989 to 2004.

Sheri loves teaching at CELOP because it gives her the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world and learn about their different customs and cultures. Besides teaching, Sheri has been working closely with Saudi Arabian Scholarship students who are part of an 18 month foundation year program with Saudi Arabian Basic Industry Corporation (SABIC) since the first group arrived in 2009.

Outside the classroom, Sheri spends a lot of time at the Boston University Fitness Center where she swims four to five days a week. She is also an avid hiker, camper and gardener. Sheri has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. She continues to spend time traveling between the Middle East and her home in Cambridge.