Lisa Pontoppidan

Lisa Pontoppidan has been teaching English as a Second Language since 2003. She received her Master’s degree in Teaching English from the School for International Training in Vermont, and has taught at CELOP since 2007.

Prior to teaching ESL, Lisa graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production. She then edited news and documentaries at Boston’s public TV station (WGBH) for many years, and produced long and short documentary films.

Lisa’s approach to teaching is centered on the students’ needs and interests, and in helping them to become more independent learners and deeper thinkers. To this end she involves them in projects with meaningful outcomes, which motivate students to interact with each other and do their best work. She often engages students with music, creativity, and digital technology.

Lisa is conversant in Danish and has a basic understanding of Spanish. She sings, writes songs, makes art from pressed flowers, and hikes in the mountains.