Carol Piñeiro


Carol Piñeiro received a B.S. in Elementary Education from Temple University in Philadelphia and then worked at a language academy in Madrid, discovering a preference for teaching adults. After earning an R.S.A. Certificate in TEFL from the British Council, she went on to teach in Germany and Argentina. Upon returning to Spain, she taught English to executives in Barcelona. While she enjoyed living abroad, she decided to return to the U.S. to obtain a master’s degree in TESOL at Boston University. She began working at CELOP and has been a senior lecturer for over 30 years. She continued studying and eventually received a doctorate in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University.

Her philosophy of teaching is based on excellence: every student can achieve his/her goals by clarifying what they are, identifying the steps needed to reach them, and taking action to achieve them. She is a demanding instructor but can also be patient when students need extra help. She enjoys teaching English for Business, Science/ Technology, Health/Medicine and Professional Writing because students in these areas are generally serious and goal-oriented. She makes frequent use of instructional media and technology to bring a wide variety of resources to the classroom for optimal learning.

Dr. Piñeiro has been active in professional organizations, serving as president of MATSOL and Interest Section Chair in TESOL. She has given numerous presentations at national and international conferences. In the past decade, she served as director of the English Department at the Instituto Internacional de España in Madrid, and faculty member in the English Department at Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile, as a Fulbright Scholar. She has written many articles for newsletters, contributed to scholarly publications, and authored several workbooks, teachers’ manuals, and web-based materials for ESL publishers.

Dr. Piñeiro has done teacher training in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Turkey for agencies like USIA, Fulbright, and the State Department. She also volunteers her time to do EFL and public health work in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. She speaks fluent Spanish and a few other European languages; her current linguistic endeavor is Kiswahili.

When not teaching or traveling, Dr. Piñeiro likes to read historical fiction, watch foreign films, eat ethnic food, and do water sports. She also enjoys staying home with her feline friends and watching PBS programs.