Melanie Temin Mendez

Melanie Temin Mendez started her journey with language learning by studying French in high school, and then moved on to Spanish in college. She loved the language so much she majored in Hispanic Literature, a choice she did not regret as it led her to many interesting adventures, from studying in Mexico and Bolivia, to teaching children in Costa Rica, traveling in Cuba and teaching ESL and citizenship to farm workers in Salinas, California. She earned a MATESOL from the Monterey Institute of International studies in 2004. Before teaching at CELOP, she taught at two language institutes in the Boston area, as well as Northeastern University. Melanie’s teaching style is relaxed and informal, with an emphasis on using music, movie clips, newspaper articles and other authentic materials to complement textbooks. She loves being interrupted by students’ questions and enjoys working with students in groups as well as one-on-one. She is also a staff photographer for Spare Change News, and an avid gardener who is constantly running out of room for new vegetables to plant in her garden.