Miriam Kurland

Miriam Kurland has been teaching English for over twenty years.  She received her Master’s degree in teaching English from the School for International Training in Vermont.  Prior to that, Miriam received a Bachelor’s degree in French and a minor in Italian from the University of Massachusetts.  In addition to French and Italian, Miriam speaks Spanish and some Swahili. She has lived in Western Europe, East Africa and Central America, and enjoys traveling to learn about other cultures.

Miriam began her career working with refugees and immigrants, focusing on English and survival skills for living in the United States. She went on to teach in middle and high schools, focusing on cross-cultural issues and English for academic success.  In higher education, Miriam has developed curricula for (and taught) English through Drama and Radio Production, English for Professional Communication, and American Culture through Music and Literature.

She has trained teachers in developing curricula to respond to students’ individual learning styles, and planning lessons for multiple intelligences. For workplace education, Miriam has taught in hotels, hospitals and businesses, doing needs assessments and creating courses for both professional and non-professional staff.

Her interests are languages, travel, dance, theater, film and qi gong.