Eileen Kramer

Eileen Kramer worked in high-tech businesses for twenty years, including ten years as director of web development at a financial services company that was bought by the Nasdaq. Eileen has an undergraduate degree in biology, and she has been a freelance copyeditor of technical journals and science/math textbooks for many years. She holds a Masters degree in teaching English as a Second Language from the School for International Training where she did her practice teaching at the Nelson Mandela Technical University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Eileen has been a Senior Lecturer at CELOP since 2008, teaching courses in English for Science and Technology, Advanced Test Preparation, Business Communication, and Science Reading. She has also taught in CELOP’s group and professional programs, including SABIC, KAUST, Waseda, Teacher Training for the Madrid Ministry of Education, and Global Engineering. Eileen is currently developing an online writing course for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students.