Jill Brand

Jill Brand is a Senior Lecturer and the current Core Coordinator at the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) at Boston University. She has an MA in English/TESL from Colorado State University and a BA in German Literature from Hamilton/Kirkland Colleges in New York. Before teaching at CELOP, Jill taught in the Intensive English Program at Colorado State University as well as at The American School in Hamburg, Germany. She speaks German and can understand French if it is spoken very, very, very slowly.

Jill has been a Senior Lecturer at CELOP for over 30 years, teaching predominantly at the intermediate and advanced levels. For her, it is important to show students that all aspects of English – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – are connected and can be learned together. CELOP’s integrated classroom approach, in which students are in one class learning all the skills, particularly suits Jill’s philosophy of teaching and allows her to develop theme-based units involving all the skills.

At CELOP, Jill has served on many committees, including the Faculty Policy Committee, the Curriculum Committee, and the Student Achievement Committee. She has also worked as a teacher trainer through the student-teaching programs of both Boston University and Simmons College. As Core Coordinator, she is responsible for the placement of students in their morning “core” classes as well as for the orientation of new core teachers.

Outside the classroom, Jill loves to walk along the Charles River and hike in the mountains of New England (and California, too). She is a passionate fan of the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, and she advises students not to wear New York Yankees baseball caps when they are near her. Jill can often be found listening to music, especially to music that is more than 400 years old and to contemporary music that no one else wants to listen to.