Jamie Beaton

Jamie Beaton grew up in Ontario, Canada, and earned degrees in linguistics, education, and ESL at the University of Toronto. After teaching English in the Toronto area for 10 years, Jamie moved to Massachusetts in 1988 and joined the CELOP faculty the following year.

Teaching at CELOP is a joy because of the daily interaction with people from all parts of the world — getting to know them as individuals, and also gaining understanding and appreciation of their cultures and ways of viewing the world. It also allows him to indulge his fascination with the workings of language in general, and of English in particular. Jamie especially enjoys working with beginning and intermediate level classes and helping students prepare for the TOEFL. Besides teaching, he has served terms as coordinator of the electives and, later, the core class segments of the CELOP program.

Away from CELOP, Jamie’s interests have long included performance in various forms of music and theater, including traditional song, medieval theater, clown, juggling, music hall comedy, and Morris dancing. He is a keen reader and a passionate supporter of the Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox. Jamie, his wife, and his daughter enjoy spending time at their Maine cottage whenever possible.