Beth Fincke

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Fincke graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor’s degree in German Area Studies. She taught Outdoor Environmental Education in Michigan, and later moved to Philadelphia where she studied modern standard Arabic and did fulltime community service as a City Year Corps member. In 2002, she moved to Egypt, and taught at the American University in Cairo, where she received her Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 2004.

Beth has been teaching English as a Second Language at CELOP since 2005. Her focus as a teacher is to enable her students to develop the tools they need to reach their highest potential in an English-speaking environment. She believes that students learn most when they are engaged in interactive projects, which give them the opportunity to draw on their various experiences, and which require them to negotiate with each other and interact authentically. She challenges her students to engage with different communities in positive ways so that they have deep, meaningful, and unique experiences during their time in Boston.

Beth is conversant in German and Egyptian Arabic and has a basic understanding of Spanish. She enjoys practicing kundalini yoga and meditation, biking, organic gardening, dancing and cooking.