Diana Lynch

Diana Lynch graduated from Framingham State University in 1996 with a B.A. in Political Science. Shortly after her graduation, she started traveling avidly to Europe and Africa and spent time in Italy, where she attended a language school for several months. She spent years working and traveling, as she took language classes in the U.S. and tutored ESL students. Diana earned her M.A. in Education at Tufts University in 2007, specifically studying Second Language Acquisition. She has been an ESL writing instructor teaching Grammar and Composition for the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University for the past four years. She has been presenting teacher workshops at Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (MATSOL) concerning academic research writing and the specific cultural challenges English language learners encounter at the university level. She co-published an article in the Higher Education Interest Section (HEIS a publication of TESOL) entitled “Collaborative Activities for Integrating Research into Second Language Academic Writing”.

Diana firmly believes that writing must be understood first as a tool of culture. It is her responsibility, as a writing instructor, to first present, explain and practice writing as a cultural tool. By combining both a cultural and technical approach to writing, Diana has been able to create a dynamic teaching strategy that has served her students well over the many years she has taught writing.

When not in the classroom, Diana is a member of the Sacramento Community garden, where she grows twenty two fresh herbs and a variety of vegetables. She is an avid ice skater during the long winter months and rides a scooter all year long. She speaks English, Italian and the local dialect that is known as “Bostonian”. The many interesting life experiences have enriched her and specifically prepared her for her work in the language classroom.