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Application Instructions

Step 1. Create Your BU Web Account

  • Go to the Application Page, click “Create Account”, and follow the instructions. Be sure to remember your BUID number, and your password.

Step 2. Login to Application Homepage

  • Return to the Application Page and click on “Login to Application Homepage”.  IMPORTANT: if you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Login or Password” and follow the instructions. DO NOT create a new Web Account. Email if you need assistance.

Step 3. Start a New Application

  • Select Summer 2 to start a new application
  • On the Program Information page, you must enter the Group Code for this program: HSDE8
  • On the Upload Supporting Documents page: Upload a copy of your passport as well as your Financial / Bank Statement (we do not require the original document). Refer to “Program Fees” on this page for the required amount. You must also complete an Affidavit of Support if the Bank Statement is not in your name.

Step 4. Pay Application Fee & Submit

  • Go to the Pay Application Fee & Submit page.
    If you see any red Xs, return to the appropriate page, and fix the problem until you see all green check marks.  Once you see all green check marks.  Click on “Pay Application Fee & Submit”, and follow the instructions to pay the application fee.

2018 Program Fees

Tuition $6,0001
Application fee $110
University fees $100
Medical Insurance $1991
Estimated Room/Board expenses* $2,415
Estimated Personal expenses* $635
Total Estimated Expenses* $9,459
1 Subject to final approval by Boston University.

*Students must provide financial documents that match or exceed the total estimated expenses of the program to receive an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility.

Health Insurance and Immunizations

All students are required to have medical insurance and are automatically enrolled in a BU Student Health Insurance plan. The plan’s effective dates are July 8 – August 11, 2018.

  • All students are required to complete the BU Immunization and Physical Form, which is received upon acceptance of your online application.  BU Student Health insurance covers the cost of all the required immunizations.