Health and Medical Insurance


All Boston University students are required to have medical insurance. Since 1989 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has required students enrolled in Massachusetts colleges and universities to have medical insurance that meets benefit levels mandated by the Commonwealth.

All CELOP students are automatically enrolled in the Boston University Student BASIC Plan. The cost of the medical insurance by semester can be found on our Dates & Fees page.

Please click here for details about the Medical Insurance Plan Options.

All students who attend CELOP must provide proof of immunizations and have acceptable medical insurance. An Immunization and Physical Form will be included with your acceptance materials. These health and medical forms must be completed before you arrive at CELOP.


Massachusetts state law requires all full and part-time students to provide proof of immunizations. You must see a doctor in your home country and have your doctor complete the Immunization and Physical Form. Then, you must submit the form to the BU Student Health Services before arriving at CELOP.  The Immunization and Physical Form will be sent to you after you apply and are accepted.

Waiving the BU Student Health Insurance Plan

The Boston University Student BASIC Plan can be waived  in only very few cases. Please read the Comparable Coverage Checklist for details and to determine if you have a comparable level of health insurance coverage. You may waive BU Student Health Insurance if you determine your insurance plan meets the new Comparable Coverage Checklist.

All fall and spring semester students who would like to waive  BU Student Health Insurance MUST submit an online insurance waiver request using the Student Link. All summer students can waive using a paper form. This form will be available after you have been accepted to CELOP. No paper forms will be provided for the fall and spring semesters.

The BU Student Accounting Services office will review your request and reply with their decision.The fees for BU Student Health Insurance Plan will stay on your account if you do not submit the online waiver or if your insurance plan is denied by the BU Student Accounting Office.

If you have questions about the BU Student Health Insurance Plan, please email and include your full name and BU ID number in your email.

Please submit your insurance waiver request by following the instructions below:

Instructions for Waiving BU Student Health Insurance

  • Log-in to your Student Link using your Kerberos username and password.
  • Click on “Money Matters”.
  • Click on “Medical Insurance”.
  • Select “Medical Insurance Status – Confirm/Waive”.


  • Click “Waive Medical Insurance”.
  • Enter your insurance company information.
  • Click “Reauthenticate and Waiver Insurance”.


  • Answer all the “Yes/No” questions about your medical insurance plan coverage.
  • Click “Waive Medical Insurance (continue)”.


  • After you submit your waiver, you will receive one of the following responses:
    • A confirmation that your waiver request is complete. You will receive an email from BU Student Accounting to let you know if your waiver is approved or denied.



    • An error message that “You are not eligible”. You may try to enter your responses again. If you do not know how to answer the questions, please contact your insurance provider or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to have medical insurance?

Massachusetts state law requires students to have adequate medical insurance from a United States-based insurance provider.  Regardless of your current insurance coverage, you will be billed for the insurance offered through Boston University.

  • The cost of the medical insurance on the Dates & Fees page of CELOP’s website is for an entire academic year, but what if I will only be at CELOP for one semester, do I have to pay the full amount?

No. If you know that you will be at CELOP for the Fall semester only, we will adjust the cost of your medical insurance so that you only have to pay for that semester. When you arrive at CELOP, you must complete a form to apply for an insurance adjustment with Student Accounting Services. This form will not be provided unless you request it from Student Accounting Services.

  • Can I buy medical insurance for my spouse and/or children here in the U.S.?

Yes. To purchase insurance for your dependents, you must contact Aetna Student Health, Boston University’s student insurance provider. If you need assistance, please email and include your full name and BU ID number in your email.

  • What services are available at Boston University Student Health Services?

BU’s Student Health Services, located just across the street from CELOP’s main offices, provides students with medical and minor surgical. Services are provided by staff physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and an on-call crisis intervention counselor. If necessary, you will be provided with transportation to an area hospital. Some services do require a fee, which may be billed to your student account or paid for by cash or check.