As a division of Boston University Global Programs, CELOP is a university program where students and faculty work together with mutual respect, and adhere to high standards of personal conduct. The faculty and staff of CELOP want every student to succeed. We work to help all of our students to improve their English in order to meet their academic and professional goals.

Who is CELOP for?

CELOP programs are primarily designed for individuals who need English for success in their academic career. Additionally, some students attend CELOP programs for professional reasons, or for personal enrichment.

CELOP provides English programs for learners from the elementary to advanced levels. CELOP is not intended for complete beginners. Elementary level students must be able to speak, understand, write, and read simple English sentences before coming to CELOP.

What you can expect at CELOP

  • Teachers with many years of experience, who support your learning inside and outside the classroom
  • A rigorous placement process that ensures you are in the best level for your English ability
  • A goal-oriented curriculum that gives you clear objectives to work toward at each level
  • Well-organized lessons, with carefully chosen activities and materials
  • Frequent assessment and feedback on your progress toward the objectives

CELOP’s Requirements of Students

CELOP’s requirements maintain the high quality of the program. We can support students in reaching their goals if they have good study habits and participate fully in the program.

Students share responsibility for creating a positive and productive learning environment. Therefore, students are expected to meet the CELOP requirements:

Attend all classes.
Be on time.
Complete all assignments carefully and on time.
Do your best in every class to participate fully and positively.

Your Results Reflect Your Commitment

When choosing your CELOP program, you should think carefully about how much work you are willing to do.

Depending on your course of study, you will have 20-25 hours of class time and approximately 7-9 hours per week of out-of-class assignments.

Many CELOP students choose to study here for several semesters. Based on their teachers’ recommendations, students either continue to build knowledge at the same level when they continue, or they may progress to the next level if they have made a lot of progress in their knowledge and skills. Most students spend one or two semesters at each level.