Science and Technology Poster Presentations Given at CELOP

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April 22nd, 2013

Sci Tech Poster PresentationsRecently, students of an English for Science and Technology core class presented on their research projects at a poster presentations event. Held in the CELOP lobby, topics included neon lighting, left/right brain, biofuel, the future of energy, and bromidrophobia (the fear of body odors).

CELOP teacher Eileen Kramer, who organized the event, said that she prepared the students by looking at pictures of effective posters and discussing format and organization. Co-teacher Nora Smith took the class on a field trip to BU Scholar Day to see the engineering posters.  Students did research on their topics, and helped one another create their posters and practice talking to an audience.  Finally, Eileen made sure that the event was well attended by CELOP students, faculty, and staff.  “I wanted to throw in the unexpected,” she said, “for them to see what it’s like to have academic conversations they can’t anticipate, unlike a canned PowerPoint presentation.”  The students appeared to handle this well. Attendees engaged the student presenters in conversation about their topics, and they responded with confidence and authority. “They’re really good,” reacted CELOP teacher Gregg Singer.  John Kopec, also a CELOP teacher, echoed Gregg’s sentiment, saying that “they really understand their topics.”

Some students took their posters home to show family and friends. Others donated their posters to Eileen for use in future science and technology projects. Following the poster presentation, the students reflected on the assignment and agreed unanimously that it was a valuable experience. As one student commented, “I know I’ll do this again in classes and when I’m an engineer so it will help me when that day comes. I won’t be afraid to show my work.”

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