Renowned Chinese Symphonist Yazhi Guo Performs at CELOP

in Student Life
March 11th, 2013

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Photo courtesy of Melanie Temin Mendez

“Some of you know him as a CELOP student, but being a CELOP student is just one of his roles,” said CELOP staff Shelley Bertolino introducing renowned Chinese instrumentalist Yazhi Guo. Guo gave a performance recently in the CELOP lobby to an audience of CELOP students, faculty and staff.

Guo was charismatic and engaging during his performance of traditional Chinese instruments. “He made me laugh,” said staff member Sarah Okubo, “he was very charming.” Guo began his performance by playing the suona instrument over a jazz recording. He then proceeded to demonstrate a variety of Chinese instruments, and exclaimed “I can play everything!” To prove the point, a leaf was brought to him, on which he played an elaborate song.  Guo finished his performance by saying “my English teacher, she’s a nice teacher.  I think CELOP, all the teachers are nice.  I love you!”  He finished by playing the guanzi instrument to the James Bond song “Skyfall”.  “That was the most interesting part,” said CELOP student, Carlos Bravo.  “He brings what he knows, and plays it with something we all know, that’s what I liked.”

Yazhi Guo has been a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra since 1999. He graduated with distinction from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, and has won many awards and national recognitions including the grand prize at New York’s International Pro Musicis in 1998. He’s performed with many orchestras around the world including Orhcestre de la Suisse Switzerland, South Korea Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgium’s Flanders Symphony Orchestra, Malaysia Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan.  Recently Yazhi has begun studying Jazz at the Berkeley School of Music.   He has also lectured at Harvard University.

“This is my dream!”  Guo said to the audience about playing in international settings.  “My dream is coming true!”

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