CELOP hosts its 11th Annual College and University Fair

Our Students Eager to Pursue Academic Dreams at American Universities

By Sean Malvey

Contributors: Hui Laki Luo & Megan Fu

Focusing on the “O.P.” in CELOP, the Center for English Language & Orientation Programs hosted our annual College and University Fair for students. Admissions representatives from 16 New England colleges and universities (see list below) were present to answer questions about their undergraduate and graduate programs. For the 11th year now, CELOP offered our students the opportunity to explore specific academic and professional degrees, and learn more about the various admissions requirements at each institution.

The diversity of colleges and universities invited this year offered a wide range of both technical and nontechnical degree options. Majors represented included pharmaceutical sciences, nursing, financial accounting, business administration, animation, photography, and international relations, among others.

Admissions representatives and students found great value in the two-hour event. Nancy Fine, admissions representative from Suffolk University, had this to say about the relationship with CELOP: “We’ve had students who have gone through CELOP and enrolled at Suffolk for many years. Suffolk has 23% international students. We find a program like this (CELOP) very beneficial because it helps us to enroll more international students.”

Picture1Wenxuan Shan, a fall semester CELOP student from China said she felt well prepared for the Fair, “because we take international business class at CELOP. I think these classes give us so many practical business communication skills. It’s very practical.” Similarly, Hussam Sindi, a third semester student from Saudi Arabia, commented on the preparation he received before the Fair from our University Advisor, Judith Di Leo: “I have an academic advisor, Judy Di Leo, who sent me the information about this event. She knows me, knows the requirements related to my goals.”

Sindi’s experience is similar to that of many students at CELOP who plan to attend a U.S. undergraduate or graduate program. The customized counseling provided by our University Advisor is just one of the many services CELOP offers to our students in order to assist them with the application process, and prepare to pursue their academic dreams at American colleges and universities. Our University Advisor helps our students choose the best universities for their degree program, complete the Common/Undergraduate and Graduate applications, understand university admission policies and procedures, and review the university application essays.

CELOP students are offered an academic curriculum that provides a solid foundation for their acceptance to colleges and universities across the United States. Our students have been accepted to Bentley University, Suffolk University, UMass, Georgetown, Penn State, BU, just to mention a few. The last couple of years, CELOP students have been successful in enrolling in many colleges and universities. As they move on with their Higher Education, our CELOP students attribute much of their success to their study at CELOP.

For more information about upcoming courses at CELOP, please visit: http://www.bu.edu/celop/admissions/dates-fees/

Schools in attendance at this year’s College & University Fair:

  1. Anna Maria College
  2. Bentley University
  3. Boston Architectural College
  4. Bunker Hill Community College
  5. Emmanuel College
  6. Fisher College
  7. Lesley University
  8. Mass Bay Community College
  9. Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  10. MCPHS University
  11. Merrimack College
  12. Roger Williams University
  13. Suffolk University
  14. UMass Boston
  15. Western New England University
  16. Wheaton College