Grants for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarship (GUTS)

Grants for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarship (GUTS): Annual Grants

Faculty (both full- and part-time) are encouraged to apply for funds for use in the teaching of undergraduate courses during the Fall and Spring 2013-2014 semesters, to employ undergraduate students in the development or revision of courses, and/or to fund an undergraduate research team.

These grants are designed to promote a deeper culture of research—or “inquiry-based learning”—in undergraduate courses on topics across the academic spectrum, from fine arts to the sciences, and to deepen the understanding of research among undergraduates through giving undergraduate students research experience. Some examples of how the funds might be used are as follows:

• Purchase of materials for classroom experiments or for the design and construction of prototypes or applications

• Expenses relating to the study of an original source or archival material, the editing or translation of a critical text, the assembling of a digital archive of teaching materials, syllabus development / revision, or artistic production

• Expenses relating to the development of a course that has clear research outputs—e.g., an application, a publication, a work of art, an invention

• Expenses incurred in the use of technology toward a specific research goal

• The hiring of an undergraduate research team to assist in the development or revision of a course or to assist in the writing of and/or research for a grant proposal

Awards will generally amount to between $500-$1500, with an upper limit of $2000.

Please note: Recipients of prior funding are welcome to reapply, however, priority will be given to the applicants who have not received prior GUTS funding.

Applications were due on June 1, 2013.  We have not yet issued the call for submissions for the 2014-2015 wave of GUTS grants; please check back for updates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Janelle Heineke at or 617-353-2919.