Grants and Conferences about Teaching

External Grants

Applying for funding from a granting agency involves not only preparing a proposal, but also working with appropriate administrators within Boston University to make sure that the budget, type of research, training, or other activity that the grant will fund, and other aspects of the project, meet University guidelines. In return, the University provides many services that aid in the submission and implementation of the grant.

Grants about Teaching and Learning

Project STAMP: Science, Technology and Math Partnerships partners Boston University graduate and undergraduate students with STEM teachers in middle and high school classrooms. These GK–12 fellows receive training over the summer and work with their partner teachers to develop lessons and activities for the fall.

CEIT Travel Grants

CEIT Grants for Travel to Meetings on Teaching
The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching has a modest amount of funds to support full-time faculty travel to attend meetings on teaching at the university level. This should not be a meeting in your scholarly field with some sessions on education, but rather a meeting dedicated solely to education.
In order to request a travel grant, please send an e-mail to the CEIT that contains:

  1. Your name, rank, department and college, and contact information.
  2. The title, location, and dates of the meeting, as well as either a description of the meeting or the URL of the meeting’s website.
  3. Your reason for wanting to attend the meeting. Include a statement on its relevance to your teaching.
  4. A listing of the anticipated costs and estimated amounts. You can include all of the costs associated with your travel to and registration for the meeting, including meal expenses. Note that if program is over-subscribed, the CEIT may only be able to offer partial support.

CEIT Course Development Grants

CEIT Grants for Development of a Course, Curriculum, or Educational Materials
The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching has a modest amount of funds available to support some costs of development of an existing or new course or curriculum, or of educational materials. The main criteria for selecting proposals for funding are (1) the novelty (at least in your academic unit) and educational value of the idea behind the course development, (2) the likelihood that you and others could use the method or materials in their courses after you develop them, (3) the soundness of your plan for developing your idea, and (4) the types and costs of the activities for which you seek support. In the past, support has included hourly wages for student workers and costs of materials. No funds are available through this program to supplement faculty salaries. A typical grant budget does not exceed $3,000, and more modest grants are more likely to receive funding.
In order to request a course development grant, please send a preliminary e-mail to that presents what you have in mind. The CEIT director will contact you to discuss your ideas.
If your discussion with the CEIT director indicates that your idea fits into the CEIT’s goals, you will be asked to prepare a more complete proposal. This need not be long and can be sent via e-mail. The proposal should contain:

  1. Your name, rank, department and college, and contact information.
  2. A few paragraphs on the idea that you wish to implement and how you plan to convert the idea into educational methods and materials.
  3. A discussion of how the proposed development will affect future courses taught by you and other instructors at Boston University.
  4. A list of the anticipated costs and estimated amounts.