Degree Programs

BU FlagThe Center for Energy & Environmental Studies (CEES) provides a University-wide focus for instruction, training, and research in energy and environmental analysis and policy studies. Using an interdisciplinary approach, faculty and research associates affiliated with CEES offer graduate students a unique opportunity to explore the interrelationships between energy and the environment. Students work with faculty on such typical research programs as energy and environmental modeling, power systems engineering, planning and operation, facility location, effects of climatic variation on environmental quality, urbanization, air quality climatology, water resources planning, transportation of energy, regional economic analysis, and regional economic and international comparisons of energy use. The perspective of the center is innovative and problem-oriented, its program emphasizing the significance of scientific research to policymaking. CEES offers fellowships and assistantships, exchange programs, and publications designed to deliver information to the community.

The center, through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, offers a Master of Arts program in Energy & Environmental Studies, Environmental Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems, and, in conjunction with the Department of International Relations, a Master of Arts program in International Relations and Environmental Policy.

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