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"For a person without any previous knowledge or the technical aspects of teaching, I have found that your program was of immense help in acquainting me with the basic tools necessary for teaching."
Stanley C. Marinoff, MD, MPH, Washington DC

"I must admit that at the time the subject matter did not appear to be that which would have such an impact on and become a part of my daily life."
Stewart Shapiro DMD, MPH Chair, Dental Systems Administration, University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

"Good teaching is not a matter of coincidence or inborn skill alone. It requires hard work, attention to detail and tremendous amounts of advanced planning. These points were appropriately stressed in your curriculum for teacher preparation."
Gary F Stein, MD, MPH, Director Spine Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, San Jose, California

"Along with bio-statistics and epidemiology the program was the most influential in changing my way of seeing things and tackling problems….A teacher has a responsibility to do more than teach what muses him, but ought to spend some time in ascertaining what his students will ultimately need and then set testable objectives."
Raymond Neutra, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of Environmental and Occupational Health, State of California, Department of Health Services, Berkeley, California

"I left the course with an enthusiasm for teaching which I had not had before in my professional career, and I am looking forward to more extensive work with students in the future. I feel I am well prepared for it."
Anne B. Keith RN, MPH, Dr.PH, Professor School of Nursing, University of Southern Maine

"While I have not in every case been able to pursue the idealistic format of proceeding from course objectives to program design to evaluation, I have been aided by an awareness of this ideal as I have approached actual course preparation and delivery."
Andrew W. Nichols, MD, MPH, Professor and Director Rural Health Office, University of Arizona, College of Medicine

"As I look back I am surprised how important this course was. The traditional courses… were important, but taught me little that was new or useful for the work that I am doing."
Samuel M. Putnam, MD, MPH, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Boston University, School of Medicine, Staff, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Boston, Massachusetts

"The wealth of this course is as a candle hidden under a bushel. I submit that this course should be known and readily available through the whole university as an 'inter-school' program….To briefly relate my personal experience, teaching is no longer arbitrary. Given a subject to teach, a lecture to present, a course to plan, there are logical and systematic approaches to these problems which firstly are student centered."
Elliott V. Miller, MD, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

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