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Early in the course, participants select an area in which to develop a unit of instruction. As you work through each chapter, you will apply the pertinent principles and methods to the development of your unit of instruction. By the end of the course, you will have completed the design of an entire unit of instruction, following the Teaching Public Health model.

The instructors give feedback to the participants by e-mail, via the Internet and by phone, as students develop their instructional unit. Each component of the unit, the job description, the learning objectives, the evaluation plan, the syllabus and session plans are reviewed by the instructors. Students are welcome to submit course components as many times as needed. This allows participants to make changes in their course designs as the course takes shape. Because students receive rapid feedback, misconceptions and errors are nipped in the bud.

Following is a list of sample project titles taken from past classes:

Allied Health

  • Identifying Early Intervention Needs in Children 0-3: A Course for Family Day Care Providers
    Adreza Martins

  • Using Video to Orient Health Care Professionals to Creative Arts Therapies
    Karen Wacks

  • Nutritional Assessment And Counseling In The Dental Environment
    Linda Boyd

  • Medical Assisting Professional Development Seminar
    Lisa Chung

  • How To Make Health Information Courses Accessible To People with Hearing Impairment
    Ann Perry, MPH

Health Education

  • Decisions about Drug Use: Adolescent Decision Making Curriculum
    Valerie Knight-Williams

  • Emotional Competency Program for Teenage Latina Mothers
    Reiko Nagano

  • Ugandan Youth HIV/AIDS awareness Program
    Susan Kyemba

  • Mentor Program for Volunteer College Students with Teenagers in Sexuality
    Byron Huang

  • Training Youth to Interview and Evaluate Human Service Agencies in their Community
    Elizabeth Williamson

  • How To Make Health Information Courses Accessible To People with Hearing Impairment
    Ann Perry

Public Health/Social Science

  • Cross Cultural Sensitivity: A pre-Departure Course for Relief Personnel & Medical Workers Traveling to Croatia an Bosnia-Hercegovina
    Kevin Neill

  • Disability Awareness Training for Staff of Community Based Centers
    Caroline Delori

  • Cultural Training for Foreign Aid Workers
    Kristin Griffith

  • Preceptorship in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Holly Kabakovich

Management and Health Services

  • Administration Use of Family Health Risk Status Data to Improve Health and Inter-sectoral Service Coverage among Families at high Risk of Mortality and Morbidity
    V.L. Srilatha

  • Refresher Course: Planning Guidelines for Mid-level Managers Department of Health Government of Sindh Province, Pakistan
    Dr. Ghulam Nabi A. Kazi

  • Identifying High Risk Families for Providing Integrated Services at the District Level
    Srilata Venkatalakshmi

  • Evaluating Financial Information Systems in Zairian Reference Hospitals
    Taryn Vian

Health Professional Training: Physicians and Nurses

  • Communications for Physicians Maria Harris-Stone
  • Integration of Nursing Home Experience into Geriatrics Rotation for 4th Year Medical Students Susan Cleaver
  • The Physician's Role in Aiding Victims of Domestic Violence Julie Gaither
  • Supervisory Responsibilities of the District Community Medical Doctor, Nepal Cynthia Hale
  • Preparatory Course for the Oral and Clinical Examination in Internal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Murray Mittleman

Primary Care for Developing Countries

  • Planning and Managing a Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Center in the People's Republic of China
    Sheila Purves

  • Healthy Mothers for Somalia Ayann Aedi The Role of Traditional Birth Attendants working as Volunteers in Recruiting New Contraceptives Users in Upper Egypt
    Fakria Ali

  • Ugandan Youth HIV/AIDS awareness Program
    Susan Kyemba

  • Control of Diarrhea in Children Less than Five Years of Age in Namibia
    Vivienne Tjapepua

  • Training of Assistant Medical Workers on Health Education of Birth Spacing Methods
    Aung Tun

  • How to Dig Pit Latrines for the Peace Corps
    Inga Heemink

  • Youth Friendly Family Planning Course for Nurses in Tanzania
    Sebalda Leshabari

  • Nutritious Food Program for People Living with AIDS in Tanzania
    Masood Bhatti

  • Training Bilingual Community Outreach Workers for a Tuberculosis Control Program
    Kim Oanh Nguyen

  • Vector Control for Chagas' Disease in Honduras Using Primary School Teachers Working in Rural Areas
    Manual Sierra

  • Child Care and Immunization for Community Health Workers
    Leonard Mbam Mbam

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