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The Teaching Public Health model is an example of competency based curriculum development (CBCD). This approach is designed to provide reasonable assurance that students will be able to perform on-the-job what they learn in the classroom.

There are four critical questions:

  1. What tasks will your students be expected to perform after completing their training?
  2. What do they need to learn to perform these tasks?
  3. How will you know how well the students are learning?
  4. How can you most effectively facilitate student learning?

The answers to these questions form the basis for the Teaching Public Health model. The starting point is crucial: specification of the tasks graduates will be called upon to perform in their future careers. The competencies they will need to perform these tasks determine the learning objectives. Content and method of instruction are then selected as a function of what students need to learn rather than in an arbitrary manner. What they learn is directly pertinent to their future professional careers.

This approach can also promote teacher accountability. To what extent have students acquired the needed competencies? Teaching Public Health provides explicit criteria for evaluation of student learning.

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