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Domenic Screnci
Ascher Segall
Lori Vanderschmidt
Domenic Screnci,
Ascher J. Segall,
M.D., Dr.PH.
Ph.D., Ed.M.

Domenic Screnci, Ed.D. [] is the Executive Director of the Educational Media and technology Center at Boston University. He has been involved with teleconferencing and distance learning since 1986 and serves the entire campus as an educational technologist, instructional systems designer and a producer of curriculum materials for traditional and new media based educational projects. Dr. Screnci teaches the course, "Telecommunications and Distance Learning" and has presented and published papers on the use of digital imaging and teleconferencing in the health care environment.

Ascher J. Segall M.D., Dr.PH. [] and Hannelore Vanderschmidt Ph.D. [] have been Co-Directors of the Center for Educational Development in Health at Boston University since 1976 when the Center was invited to move from the Harvard School of Public Health to the Health Policy Institute at Boston University. Both Drs. Segall and Vanderschmidt have faculty appointments at the Boston University School of Public Health, Department of International Health. Dr. Segall holds a doctorate in medicine and one in epidemiology. Dr. Vanderschmidt's doctorate is in behavioral and educational psychology.

Drs. Segall and Vanderschmidt have taught courses on Educational Design and Evaluation at Harvard and Boston University since 1968. Dr. Segall has served as Chief of Health Manpower Research at the World Health Organization in Geneva. The team has authored widely used texts on competency based education and training including Systematic Course Design for the Health Fields and Developing Competent Health Workers: A Handbook for Designing Education and Training Programs.

Drs. Segall and Vanderschmidt have worked both in the United States and in ministries of health in Asia, Africa and the Middle East enabling health professions' teachers to design curricula responsive to the ever-changing requirements of health care.

Daniel Madigan, B.L.A. (Website Maintenance)

Dan Madigan [] is a graphic artist with the Educational Media Center at Boston University School of Medicine. Dan earned his Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2004, and has has been involved with the Internet and designing world-wide web sites since 2000. With extensive experience in media and print production, his major strengths lie in digital imaging, project management, technical, visual and graphic design.

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