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Teaching Public Health [online] is organized in three parts:

  1. Guidebook
    A step-by-step process on how to develop courses (see figure below)

  2. Methods
    Ways to complete the steps in Part 1

  3. Examples
    Sample courses developed by students following the model

The Guidebook for Teaching Public Health [online] is built around the CEDH model for systematic course design. Guidebook chapters correspond to the successive phases called for in the model: setting competency based goals, developing learning objectives, linking evaluation with objectives, using evaluation to design instructional activities and planning sessions.

Major Steps


  1. Describe the Instructional Situation  

Chapter 1

Setting Competency-Based Goals

  1. Write and Verify the Job Description
  1. Describe the Desired On-the-Job Performance and Learning Objectives

Chapter 2

Developing Learning Objectives

  1. Define Skills & Knowledge Needed for Performance
  1. Identify Evaluation Options and Develop a Course Evaluation Plan

Chapter 3

Linking Evaluation with Objectives

  1. Identify Instructional Options and Produce an Activities Plan Consistent with the Evaluation

Chapter 4

Using Evaluation to Design Instructional Activities

  1. Develop a Course Syllabus

Chapter 5

Planning Sessions

  1. Write Session Plans

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