Student Feedback


Photo courtesy of Linsey Field.

“The program provides an unparalleled opportunity to travel and learn in a megadiverse country.  The experience provided by research projects is invaluable for any science field.”
~Erik Enbody, Spring 2011

“You can learn about these places in a book or in the classroom, but there´s nothing like being in the field and seeing first hand how awesome nature is.”
~Katherine Gillman, Spring 2011

“This program is like no other.  This was the only time I felt like a true biologist because the projects allowed me to study subjects I felt passionate about.  Overall, I have learned things through my own experimentation – and the instructors really guided the process.”
~Nicole Chabaneix, Spring 2011

“(The program) mixes an amazing cultural experience with an opportunity to study a science in the most exciting place in the world for the particular discipline. The amount of travel means that something new is always on the horizon and the orientation is such that everything runs perfectly. A better program does not exist.”
~ Robyn Hegland, Spring 2009

“The program is awesome. Learned more in one semester than in 3 years previous. Very applicable skills gained. Good number of projects: very relevant to course and to skills needed; instructor feedback is great. Field portion is the best part. Don’t change it at all.” Would you recommend this program? “YES!!! Even for non-ecology majors.”
~ Courtney Skuce, Spring 2009

“The field portion is perfect.

All our field visits were amazing and incredibly informative… We saw so much diversity and got to ask so many questions about habitats we’ve never seen before.”
~ Caitlin Casey, Spring 2008

“I learned more this semester than any other semester at BU…. I’d do it again if I could. This semester has opened my eyes in ways that one could only understand if he or she does the program him or herself. It’s academically and socially enlightening – I’ve never learned so much while having so much fun in my life. This program brings you to places that most can only dream about going.”
~ Jackie Aliperti, Spring 2009

“I learned so much about tropical ecology. But even more, I learned about how to conduct a good scientific investigation. I feel like you can’t learn this without experience. I also was able to improve my group work skills and my Spanish language as well. I feel that I learned so much valuable information and at the same time had such an awesome experience. Ecuador is beautiful!”
~ Rebecca Tarvin, Fall 2008.

I learned a lot about ecological concepts, identification, research, and conservation. Good educational value. Great experience – socially, culturally, academically. Really sparked my interest in ecology and conservation.”
~ Adam Isabella, Spring 2008

“We covered all topics I hoped for and then some… All lectures were great…One cannot help but end up with a new heightened appreciation for nature.”
~ Rob Pecchia, Fall 2007


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